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Class scheduling is suspended until further notice.
Instructor is doing fiber optic engineering, upgrades and installation work for the US Navy.
Please visit the Fiber Optics Association™ (FOA) website to seek training.

Fiber Optics Technician and Installer Training Courses

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Mobile, On-site and Local Fiber Optics Technician Training Course (40 hours).
* MIL-SPEC 2042B (MIL-STD-2042B) Supplemental Installer Training also available, see below for details.

Fiber Optics Technician training and hands-on labs cover theory, safety, building codes, networking, connectorization, fusion and mechanical splicing, FTTx connectivity (Fiber To The Home/Premise), testing, troubleshooting and more.

  • Taught by a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer (CPO), former Branch Head and Senior Instructor of the Navy's Fiber Optics Maintenance and Repair School (details).
  • Schedule
  • A basic take-away Fiber Optics Toolkit can also be provided for an additional cost of $300.
  • Certifications are valid for 1 year before renewal.
  • Each student receives the 457-page Fiber Optics Installer and Technician Guide (Woodward, Husson) as a textbook, which includes a CD-ROM containing an electronic copy of the book in searchable Adobe Acrobat™ PDF format.
  • FiberTrain Corporation™ provides professional fiber optic training including hands-on connectorization, mechanical splice and fusion splice training on a wide variety of technologies used throughout the industry, including frequently used ST and SC connectors, as well as government contractor training for military shore-based, shipboard (MIL-C-83522, MIL-C-28876, pierside hermaphroditic, MIL-T-29504 termini, and COTS SC) and aviation (MIL-C-38999) installations.  Note that some specialty connectors (such as MIL-C-38999 family) may require additional costs for tools, connectors and related items. Class provisions include fiber optic tool kits, cables, connectors, splices, splice trays, closures and other related items for demonstration and tailored hands-on training, including, but not limited to:
    • Fusion Splicer: Fujikura™ FSM-40S with CT-07 Cleaver
    • Mechanical Splicing Kits:
      • 3M™ Fibrlok™ II 2529 Universal Optical Fiber Splice (also supports legacy Fibrlok™ splices)
      • 3M™ Fibrlok™ 2600 Ribbon Fiber Kit (ex: 12-fiber 2612 splice)
      • Corning™/Siecor™ CamSplice™
    • Corning™/Siecor™ UNICAM™ Kit (TKT-UNICAM) with Continuity Test Set (CTS) for ST/SC/FC/LC/MT-RJ connectors.
    • 3M™ Hot Melt™ Kit with Auto Polisher
    • 3M™ Crimplok™ Kit
    • AMP™ Lightcrimp Plus™ Kit
    • Leviton™ Thread-lock™ Tools
    • Corning™ and Leviton™ fanout (furcation) kits, simplex furcation tubing
    • *  MIL-SPEC (Military Specification) Fiber Optic Installation Kits:
      • Single Terminus (ST/SC/FDDI) Connector Kit (MIL-C-83522), NAVSEA approved
      • Multiple Termini Kit (MIL-C-28876), NAVSEA approved
      • Rotary Mechanical Splice (RMS) Kit (MIL-S-24623/4), NAVSEA approved
    • Older fiber optic kits are also available for training on legacy connectors, including:
      • AT&T Lightguide Systems™ ST Kit (1032B)
      • AT&T Lightguide Systems™ Rotary Mechanical Splice (RMS) Kit (1040A)
  • Test equipment provided for hands-on training and troubleshooting includes one or more of each of the following types of equipment from various manufacturers:
    • Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR)
    • Optical Loss Test Set (OLTS)
    • Passive Optical Network (PON) power meter (EXFO PPM-350B) used in FTTx connectivity (Fiber To The Home/Premise)
    • Optical Talk Set (OTS)
    • Visual Fault Locator/Visible Fault Finder (VFL/VFF)
    • Optical Verifier (OV)
    • Optical Return Loss (ORL) Meter
    • Fiber Identifier
    • Fiber Tracer/Continuity Tester
  • Costs ** (per student, paid in advance, does not include group discounts):

    Class scheduling is suspended until further notice.
    Instructor is doing fiber optic engineering, upgrades and installation work for the US Navy.
    Please visit the Fiber Optics Association™ (FOA) website to seek training.

    Courses, Descriptions Costs
    Commercial FOACertified Fiber Optics Technician (CFOT) Course (5-day) $1,795
    > Include optional *MIL-SPEC Supplemental Fiber Optics Installer Training Course (2-day, $500 additional):
    Provided on request, class held on Saturday and Sunday after commercial fiber optics courses is completed (see schedule).
        (Totals 7 days of training)

    > Add basic take-away Fiber Optics Toolkit (offered with 5-day course only, not for retail sale): Add $300

    * MIL-SPEC 2042B (MIL-STD-2042B) Supplemental Fiber Optics Installer Training Course (Combined or standalone 2-day class)
    Used for training in compliance with MIL-STD-2042 and
    NAVSEA Standard Item 009-73 "Shipboard Electrical/Electronic/Fiber Optic Cable; remove, relocate, repair, and install" (Versions: FY-06, FY-07, FY-08).
    > 2-day training when combined with Commercial Fiber Optics 5-day course above (7 days total) Add $500
    > 2-day standalone training course (scheduled by special arrangement)
    only available for students with proof of current Fiber Optics certification from a recognized institution. The student must already be proficient with basic fiber optics connectorization and testing to participate in this advanced supplemental course. These classes are 2 days long, usually Monday-Tuesday or Wednesday-Thursday. (No take-away tool kits are included, they are only included with the 5-day Fiber Optics Installer course.)
  • Schedule
  • Locations: Training is held locally, or we can travel to you within the United States (some restrictions apply **, see details below). Sorry, but on-site training in foreign countries is not available.
  • Class size may vary. If you or your personnel require training, contact FiberTrain to check scheduling. We may already have a class scheduled in your area that can include you, too. Classes may vary from 4 to 10 students unless special arrangements are made, although 6 to 8 students is the preferred class size. Our local classroom can seat up to 6 students. Larger class sizes must be held in a company facility, hotel conference room, etc.
  • Class Hours: Typically 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, including one hour for lunch. Hours may vary based on requirements of students or employers. For example, when an entire class is from the same company, it is often customary to adopt their usual starting time, typically between 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM. For companies that schedule 4-day work weeks with 10-hour days, FiberTrain will try to accommodate similar hours when possible.
  • Evening classes are available by special arrangement for groups only, and may be conducted over a two-week period for the 40-hour courses when daytime training is impractical. For example, some employers can't afford to put all work on hold for a week or two for a large number of employees, no matter how much they need the training.
  • Group discounts are available for classes of 5 or more, or when purchasing a block of seats spanning more than one class session (Example: purchase training for ten students provided over two classes, with four students in one class and six in another.)
  • More course details are available on respective certification websites.
  • Please review physical requirements before enrolling.
  • ** Costs are subject to change without prior notice until payment is received and training details are confirmed. Training must be paid for in advance. Contact FiberTrain Corporation™ for current costs. Additional travel costs for on-site training may apply, although they may be waived depending on distance, number of students and other factors. No refunds for training costs once the student is confirmed and payment received, as this locks in the seat and may result in potential students being turned away from full classes. Refunds for optional toolkits will be granted unless within 7 days of class convening when they are placed on order from our supply source and can't be cancelled.
  • accepted after contacting FiberTrain Corporation™ first to confirm training course availability, dates, training location, and specific costs (tool kits, travel, etc.) via our Secure Information and Credit Card Authorization Form.
  • We accept company checks (made payable to FiberTrain Corporation), and will accept personal checks if they are received at least one week (local banks) or two weeks (out-of-state banks) prior to class to allow for clearing.

Trademarks: FIS™ (Fiber Instrument Sales™), Lucent™ (Lucent™/Avaya™/Systemax™), AOS™ (Applied Optical Systems™), AFSI™ or FSI™ (Amphenol Fiber Systems, Int'l™, formerly Fiber Systems Int'l™), 3M™ FibrLok-II™ (3M Corporation™), Corning™ and CamSplice™ (Corning Cable Systems™), Fujikura™ (Alcoa Fujikura Corporation™)

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